The KRL-Extension
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The Extension Pack app gives you the ability to query the actual user level and actual language of your SmartHMI out of a KRL program.
After the easy installation, the new KRL functions will be immediately available.


- GetUserLevel(), returns the actual user-level as INT
- GetUser(), returns the actual user as ENUM
- GetLanguage(), returns the actual language as ENUM

Extension Pack can be used on the robot controller (KRC4), as well as on OfficePC and OfficeLite. The installation is done easily by using the menu 'Start-up' - 'Additional software'.


Using the GetUser function can for example robot programs to be just carried out by qualified personnel (eg programs for setting up, or maintaining the system).
The function GetLanguage allows you to jump into language dependent parts of your KRL program, such like messages or comments.


Get the actual user-level out of a KRL program:

Switch GetUserLevel()
Case 5  ; Operator
Case 10 ; Programmer
Case 20 ; Expert
Case 30 ; Administrator

Get the actual user out of a KRL program:

Switch GetUser()
Case #Operator
Case #Programmer
Case #Expert
Case #SafetyRecovery
Case #SafetyMaintenance
Case #Administrator

Get the actual language out of a KRL program:

Switch GetLanguage()
Case #DE ; german
Case #EN ; english
Case #ES ; spanish
Case #CZ ; czech
Case ...

Any language available on the SmartHMI returns a value.


KSS 8.2, 8.3, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7


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