Bypass storage restrictions
reloading operation for large CAD/CAM files
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*** From August 2021 ***

The software is available as a KOP (KUKA option package) for installation via WorkVisual or directly on the robot ***

General description

For a variety of technologies (e.g., milling, polishing, tapping, grinding, deburring, etc.), robot programs are increasingly being generated by CAD / CAM systems. Quickly these programs require very large amounts of data and then exceed the maximum permissible file size for robotprograms. These programs must then be divided into small segments and laboriously loaded into the controller.
With Pointloader you circumvent this memory restriction of the robot system.

What is PointLoader?

Pointloader is a plugin for the robot to continously load motion points and technology commands from externally generated CAD/CAM files into the robot controller and operate them. The CAD/CAM files no longer need to be loaded into the robot controller but can be located on a drive accessible by the robot. From there, all required data is read and transmitted cyclically to the robot program.

The included HMI is used to select the CAD/CAM files to be operated and provides useful information about the processing status to the operator.

The installation of the software is very easy. It is analogous to the installation of conventional KUKA software.


- Memory-optimized loading of a CAD/CAM file in KRL format (*.src) into the robot controller
- maximum number of instructions in a CAD/CAM file: at least upto 3,5 million
- supported types of movement PTP, LIN, CIRC, Joint, SPTP, SLIN, SCIRC
- Usage of upto six of external axes (E1-E6)
- HMI with residual time estimation
- Manual adaptation of the feed speed via HMI during processing possible (KRC4)
- executable on KRC2 (from KSS 5.5) and KRC4 (KSS 8.2 or higher)
- IO-interface for operation mode EXT

Scope of delivery of the technology package

- KUKA option package (KOP) for easy installation via WorkVisual or directly on the robot

Note: Please note that a certificate for PointLoader is required for installation on a robot equipped with KUKA.CPC. If KUKA.CPC is installed on your robot, please contact us.


One license is required per robot. We will be happy to provide you free trial licenses (useable for 14 days).

OfficeLite and OfficePC:
No license required. PointLoader is fully functional on these systems.


KSS >=5.5, 8.2, 8.3, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7


*All prices in EUR excl. VAT and shipping costs.