Keep track of all KRL-variables
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Navigate through the list of variables and change the values ??of variables in real time, no hassle of typing the name of the currently required variable!!

In an innovative scrolling list, similiar to the handling of a smartphone, ObjectBrowser provides a very clear display and easy processing of all on the KRC4 known variables.
Even complex variables are presented in a structured way and are easily editable. In addition to the classic view of all the variables in a list, there are also grouped views to data types, modules or selected module.
Real-time search, last edited variables, copy/paste as well as a personal favorites list allows you quick and easy operation.


- View all Available variables (system, global and local)
- Grouping of data types, modules or selected module
- Favorites
- Search(Real time search) - Display of the last modified variables
- Cyclic display of variable values can be activated
- Display and modification of run-time variables of the currently processed routine
- In order to change values at least user group expert is required
- Copy and paste of values (even with complex data types)
- Touchup of positions, even if they are declared in arrays
- Create and edit lists

Like all SmartPlugIns ObjectBrowser can be operated using a mouse or the touchscreen on the SmartPad.

You can use the Object Browser on the robot controller (KRC4), as well as on OfficePc and OfficeLite. The installation is done easily by using the menu 'Start-up' - 'Additional software'.



Installation and test license

Scope of delivery

- Setup package for easy installation on the robot


Single license:
Each system (Robot, OfficeLite, OfficePC) requires a license. We are happy to provide you with free trial licenses (14 days running).

Dongle License:
The dongle license (USB 2.0) can be used on all systems. As long as the dongle is attached to the system, ObjectBrowser is enabled on this system.
The price of a dongle license is 569 EUR (including dongle and shipping).


KSS 8.2, 8.3, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7


*All prices in EUR excl. VAT and shipping costs.