The most popular editor for KRL



OrangeEdit is the most popular editing environment for Robot-programs.
A lot of features are supporting you to create and edit KRL programs.


- Open, edit, print and save KRL programs
- Open, edit and save Robot Archives
- View KRL Programs (folds, syntaxhighlightning)
- Codecompletition to easily create KRL code
- KRL Code templates
- Inlineforms
- Editing tools like find, replace, comment out/in
- Indent code
- Rename positions (all over the program)
- Reverse order (KRL commands)
- Block edit inlineforms (Vel, Acc, Tool, Base,...)
- Clean data list or sort data list
- Transform, mirror positions
- Adjust status and turn of positions
- Assistent to create KRL array declarations
- Coordinates calculator
- Objectbrowser to view variables, functions,...
- Find in files
- Syntax check of KRL programs (limited)

New in version 2.0.15

Inlineforms for KSS 8.5 and 8.6

As of KSS Version 8.5, the KUKA standard inline forms have changed drastically. These are now available in OrangeEdit.
A total of 26 standard KUKA inline formulas for KSS 8.5 and 8.6 were implemented:
- Torque monitoring: SetDefault, SetLimits, Off, SaveMax, UseDataSet
- Logic: Out, Pulse, SynOut, SynPulse, Wait, WaitFor
- Analog output: Static, Dynamic
- Comment: Comment, Stamp

These inline forms are a paid extension of the still free editor. More information is available here:

myHMI Designer

- This extension enables the easy development of user interfaces for the software package 'myHMI'.

Various improvements

- Rename points now also supports the inline forms for KSS 8.5 and 8.6
- improved stability and fixed various bugs
- Speed of the editor optimized

New in version 2.0.16

myHMI Designer

- A variable simulator now allows variable values to be set in order to see the reaction of the HMI and to test it in advance

Various improvements

- 'Save as ...' bug fixed, which sometimes wrote the .dat with wrong content.

New in version 2.0.17

Various improvements

- Selecting of KRL code has been improved, now it is possible to mark variables, commands etc. with a double click.
- the block editing function now supports the new inlineforms from KSS 8.5/8.6.
- In the Help menu, the license overview has been integrated to see product ID and activation status for extensions.
- Extensions can now also be activated using a voucher code.

New in version 2.0.18


- OrangeEdit crash right after start fixed
- Movement-Inlineforms, Position variable when creating new movements now has valid values

Archives or pathes can be set as 'active einvironment' in order to provide all variables and functions for code completition. Additionally this gives the opportunity to jump to the declaration of selected variables or functions by using 'Go To Definition' in the context menü or the 'F12' key.

With all this helpful functions and much more OrangeEdit becomes a 'must have' for every robot programmer.

The current version will run until 2021-05-31. The previous version (2.0.14) will expire on 2020-05-31. Since OrangeEdit is still in BETA stage, shared (public BETA) versions must be limited in time.


Win 7,8,10,11(x86,x64), .NET 3.5


*All prices in EUR excl. VAT and shipping costs.