Education Robot

Perfect for school and education

Our Education Robot System is a complete 6-axis robot, like in industrial use

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    App Store

    Apps for smart automation

    Our apps are exactly developed for your requirements. But if not, we will develop these. Go on a expedition in our App Store

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    The most popular editor for KRL

    With a lot of features, OrangeEdit supports you at creating, editing and optimation of KRL robot programs.

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    Industry 4.0

    Internet of things

    With us you get your production into the Internet of Things (IoT) and implement digital services that complements your production and makes even more successful.

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    What we are doing?

    We develop individual software solutions for your robot systems

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    We develop individual operating- and visualisationsolutions for the smartPad

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    We plan and develop robot software for almost every process and every technology

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    ISO 9001 certified

    We are now ISO 9001 certified and can now officially show that we stand for continuous quality.

    *All prices in EUR excl. VAT and shipping costs.

    “Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.”

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Terre des Hommes

    Have you seen our work yet?

    A small pullout of our various projects

    flexibleCube HMI

    flexibleCube HMI

    CustomerKUKA Systems GmbH
    DateJuli 2014
    ThemePlugins, Apps

    For the modular welding cell -KUKA flexibleCUBE-, OrangeApps has developed an operating and visualization software that is completely integrated into the robot control system.

    A setup wizard guides the operator through component and fixture setup.

    The production overview shows statistical data on production, the current job, consumption values and much more.

    Service and maintenance displays together with online operating and maintenance instructions increase the availability of the system.

    KRC2 -> KRC4 conversion

    KRC2 -> KRC4 conversion

    CustomerDaimler AG
    Datesince May 2015
    ThemeSoftware development

    Gradually, at non-production days, 'old' KRC2 robots are exchanged for new KRC4 robots at Daimler in Düsseldorf.

    Due to the different architecture, especially for bus systems, OrangeApps developed software that analyzes KRC2 archives, converts data and creates a WorkVisual (KRC4) options package.

    In addition to the entire parameterization of the robot, the resulting option package also contains all work programs and a preconfigured bus project. Of course, the conversion of the 'old' coordinates of the non-absolutely accurate KRC2 robots into the absolutely accurate robot model of the KRC4 is also included.

    This converter software can reduce the time from first power up to the fully commissioned robot (ready to test the motion programs) to ~ 30 min.

    This high degree of automation allows a very short window of time to exchange robots.

    Inline forms

    Inline forms

    Date2012 bis heute
    Themetechnology package

    Inline forms facilitate and speed up the programming of a robot.

    Clear design, self-explanatory terms and the ability to check values entered make inline forms particularly user-friendly and therefore suitable for operators without deep system knowledge.

    OrangeApps develops inline forms to suit every requirement.

    The inline form 'Offset' allows to execute a PTP or LIN movement relative to an already taught position. In addition to the data for the offset itself (X, Y, Z, A, B, C), the user can define the reference system (tool or base) as well as the motion parameters (PDAT).

    The inline form 'SoftMove' makes it possible to switch specific axes 'soft'. Thus, axles can be controlled 'floated' e.g. insert a component into a fixture without transferring clamping forces to the system through an inaccurate position.

    Human-robot collaboration

    Human-robot collaboration

    Date2012 until today
    Themetechnology package

    While in the past it was often a question of replacing human work with robots, today the robot often works acts as an assistant next to the worker.

    OrangeApps' intelligent and intuitive software complements innovative hardware to simplify operation, integrate systems better, and empower people to work more efficiently with complex systems.

    Virtual Commissioning

    Virtual Commissioning

    PartnerEKS Intec
    Datesince 2012
    ThemeSoftware development

    With the help of virtual commissioning (VIBN), the PLC and robot programs can be programmed and tested in advance by the software-related mapping of the real system.

    Together with our partner EKS InTec, we are constantly optimizing the workflow in order to merge the real and virtual world. By connecting our OrangeEdit to RobSim (EKS InTec) to simulate the robot programs, the robot programmer works with familiar software directly into the virtual world.

    Barrel / Bottling Unloading / Palletizing

    Barrel / Bottling Unloading / Palletizing

    Datesince Oktober 2014
    Themetechnology package

    Together with the machine manufacturer Federspiel, we develop intelligent dis- / palletizing robot systems for the food industry.

    For depalletizing various KEG variants, we rely on 3D scan technology and a dynamic motion strategy of the robot.

    Other features of these systems are:
    - Palletize and depalletize up to 180 barrels / hour - any barrel types from 15 l party to 50 l stainless steel or plus KEG
    - configurable pack pattern
    - automatic pallet inspection
    - easiest operation
    - parameterizable, thus short integration times

    • flexibleCube HMI

      flexibleCube HMI

      Cell visualization on the SmartPad...

    • KRC2 -> KRC4 conversion

      KRC2 -> KRC4 conversion

      Robot exchange at Daimler...

    • Inline forms

      Inline forms

      Commands for SoftMove & MoveOffset...

    • Human-robot collaboration

      Human-robot collaboration

      The future of robotics is today...

    • Virtual Commissioning

      Virtual Commissioning

      OrangeApps together with EKS Intec...

    • Barrel / Bottling Unloading / Palletizing

      Barrel / Bottling Unloading / Palletizing

      dynamic handling with 3D scan...

    “Design is not just how it looks or feels. Design is how it works.”

    Steve Jobs, The Guts of a New Machine

    Who are we?

    We are proud to be a team with so much different expertise and experiences

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    Daniel Schmidt

    service 2

    Christian Mayer

    service 3

    Daniel Leiderer

    service 4

    Markus Bschorr

    About us

    At OrangeApps we have a clear mission - make the robotic even smarter. We have a clear imagination, how to achieve this goal. We simplify the handling, integrate the systems better and enable the people the work more efficient with the complex systems. It is about intelligent software and how its specifically use will make your production even more successful.

    Be a part of our success story

    The key to our success is the ability to boil complex challanges down to an essence, to find inovative solutions and to satisfy with the best usability. This is why we seek persons with a clear analytic mind, intellectual curiosity and fun in implementation - independent to age or origin. Further you have distinct knowledge and experience with relevant object-orientated coding languages, especially in .NET and accordingly development environments like for example Visual Studio. You already could prove your multiannual expertise in profession in diverse projects and commercial applications. Further knowledge in programming of industrial robots (KUKA, ABB, Fanuc) is a benefit, but not necessary.
    If you want to accomplish things in a fascinating area of application together with us, we are looking forward to meet you. Send your documents preferably per e-mail.

    We are proud of this numbers

    A little insight into our numbers

    255 Satisfied clients
    603 Finished projects
    108486 OrangeEdit activations
    21441 Cups of coffee ;)

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